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In 2021, we purchased 45 acres of mountain land that had been completely burned during the Cranston Fire. The entire area was reduced to little more than ashes.


We are committed to our dream of restoring this land, with a steadfast adherence to Permaculture principles of adaptation and sustainability.


We heal the land, we heal ourselves



It felt daunting to know where to start with these 45 acres of charred land, but the basic principles of permaculture guided our way. We learned to wait and watch, observing our land through the various seasons and resisting the urge to make any big decisions right away.

We have restored the soil with cover crops and propagated native wildflowers. We also started keeping bees (a whole adventure on its own!) and rescued three piglets who are now fully grown and just the sweetest of creatures. The bees and pigs are working the land just as hard as we are, a daily reminder of the interconnectedness and wisdom of nature.

We have a lot more to do and will be learning as we go and hope you join us for this humbling and exciting journey!



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