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Stand out from the crowd with the luxury Havana brown leather Cincha polo belt from pampeano. This belt is inspired - like most of pampeano’s products - by the incredible world of horses; the word Cincha refers to the strap binds the saddle onto a horse.This sumptuous navy blue pattern includes pampeano’s iconic pampa diamonds; a traditional aztec motif representing the gorgeous Andes mountains which overlook the polo fields of La Pampa - the home of pampeano. The Cincha is emblazoned with a more intricate version of our regular pattern, ideal for those with an eye for detail.The genuine top grain argentine cow leather is tanned in a rich brown colour through a traditional vegetable tanning process, which ensures the durability and reliability of the luxury polo belt. The diamond design is hand stitched in sturdy cotton thread, which is robust and easy to clean. The Cincha, like all of our products, is handmade in La Pampa by local artisans using local materials.

Cincha Polo Belt - Navy

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