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Our Story




At El Sereno Mercantile, located in Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, we strive to source the highest quality of utilitarian goods, with a focus on durable materials, sustainability, craftsmanship and artisan design.


Our tools for living have been thoroughly tried, and tested.


Five years ago, we chose to leave the city life behind, move to the mountains, and fulfill our dream of living more sustainably and with more intention. It is here, in the San Jacinto mountains of Southern California, that we are realizing our regeneration project on the land we have named El Sereno, which sits on 45 acres of once completely charred land.


Our life quest required an entirely new set of tools, both mental and physical, drawing us to source items with inherent quality, durability and beauty. The sharpest Japanese blades, the strongest French Carbon steel, durable Oak, Walnut, and the most intelligent ergonomic design. El Sereno Mercantile is dedicated to sharing our findings with like-minded doers and seekers.

We have big dreams for El Sereno, please join us for the journey on Instagram @bosqueelsereno or enter your email address below to join our Mercantile mailing list.

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