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  • Upgrade your kitchen and improve your knife skills with this contemporary set of five Parallele Chef Knives and a solid block. This set includes five knives to elevate your kitchen.

    The Chef's knife- It’s ideal for cutting, slicing and chopping meat. Additionally, use it for precise slicing, chopping, and cutting vegetables.

    The Santoku- The blade remains rigid and stable while trimming.

    The Carving knife- The knife for carving with a fork. It can be used to carve a variety of meats such as a Roast, Leg of Lamb or Poultry.

    The paring knife- Trim, cut and chop small garnishes before sending the dish off to your friends

    Choose between:

    The bread knife - It’s gently curved to improve cutting ability. It’s also strong, light and efficient

    The Boning knife - great for carving meats and poultry

    The block features full slots for easy cleaning and anti-slipping pads to protect your kitchen counter

    Parallele 5pcs Starter Knife Blocks

    SKU: 2402
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